• Natasha Brown

Update: $1,593 raised for Wolaba Youth Project!

When we started thinking about fundraising, we wanted to choose a goal that was attainable and also allowed us to provide for the kids. After calculating several different cost factors, we estimated about $6000.00 was needed to start the program.

To date, we have raised a little over a quarter of our goal. Given the current situation of our world, we have decided to keep an indefinite timeline until we reach that amount.

Each time we hit a quarterly milestone, we would like to share how we plan to allocate funds. After our first financial team meeting, the following is the direction we have decided to take:

  • Non-Profit Status: After analyzing our long term goals, we decided it would be best to begin the process of registering the Wolaba Youth Project as a non-profit. The process with legal fees, will cost $500.

  • Supplies: Children in the program shared with us some of their interests that they would like to learn and grow, a popular one being skateboarding! One of our team mentors Yilber Cortez has been working with the kids to sharpen their skills. $100 was used to purchase a second hand skateboard for the children to practice on.

  • Media: Our website is quickly becoming our online community, and we'd like to maintain the space. We allotted $105 to annual costs for the site.

  • Staff: We have had a staff member dedicated to using his own equipment and transportation to not only act as a mentor for the kids, also documenting their surfing for skill evaluation, as well as providing media for our project on a rolling basis. We are estimating costs at $200-$300, based on the amount of time and services rendered.

Our biggest ask so far from the children has been for the ability for them to be mobile. Our community is currently being urged to social distance and stay within our social bubbles. With many businesses and other opportunities closed, the children are finding themselves inside with more screen time than they would like.

We are lucky in that our community provides ample beach and tropical jungle space, where people can safely enjoy the outdoors. Taking all this into consideration, we will be partnering with a local bicycle shop to provide bikes to the children at cost.

We would like to hold the remaining amount of $588.00 so that we have a sufficient amount to provide 2-3 weeks of camp when in person activities are deemed safe. The remaining amount will be saved, and we will start to focus our campaign efforts moving forward to the cost for bicycles for the children in need.

We are grateful that even during these times, we still have people willing to support our kids. Even though we are all adjusting to changes on what seems like a daily basis, we are lucky to be surrounded by a community that focuses on uplifting and empowering the youth.

Thank you all.

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